Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Cherry blossoms in Daigo-ji Temple (Kyoto)

This is Sanbou-in Garden(三宝院庭園)in Daigo-ji Temple.(since 1598)
Daigo-ji Temple (designated as World Cultural Heritage) was built in 874.
There was a big war in 1467,this temple was devastated.
Lord Hideyoshi restored this temple,
and in 1598,he held a big sakura viewing party at this temple.
That was so grand party,
Hideyoshi invited samurai's wives at this party,they changed their kimono 3 times for this event.
It is said that their kimono cost as much as 4 billion yen.
Even now,grand sakura-viewing event is held on the second Sunday of April.It is called "Daigo no Hanami".(I learned that recently.)
The five-storied pagoda is designated as a national treasure.