Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Mt.Yoshinoー ②Restaurant "Hatsune"(初音)

After you enjoyed the great scenery of the mountain,why don't you take a rest at this charming restaurant? "Hatsune"(初音) is the name of this restaurant.It means " First sound" in English.(The name is related to Japanese traditional musical instrument.) This is one of the most wonderful restaurant in Mt.Yoshino.
You can have great meal as viewing beautiful nature we have here.
Hatsune web site   http://www.hatune.yoshino.jp/  

Gorgeous meal is set on a tray.Fresh vegetables in season are mainly used in every dishes.

Persimmons are now in season. It's very juicy. And momiji leaves create the autumn atmosphere. They are in good harmony. A delicate sensibility is one of Japanese cuisine's character.

Deep-Fried vegetables ("Tenpura" in Japanese) in season are on this small bamboo basket. They are yummy. Lustrous red Momiji leave create antumn atmosphere.

You can enjoy appetizing meal in a very relaxing Japanese-style room. This restaurant commands a fine view of nature. From the window,colourful autumn mountain presents a grand spectacle.

And after you enjoyed main dish,how about japanese sweets? This sweets is called "Kudzukiri" in Japan. We eat it with black honey syrup poured over it.(left small bowl on the tray.)
This sweets is like transparent noodles.These noodles are made of herbs(We call them"Kudzu".),sprouting in the mountains.Arrowroot has great effects on our health,so it is very popular as an ingredient for cooking in Japan,such as kudzu rice cake,kuzu noodle.(Honestly, the best season is summer,I think.)

This is "Kudzu rice cake". We pour black honey on the cakes,and dust them with soybean flour("Kinako" in Japan.),and eat them. They're so good.