Saturday, May 28, 2016

The tea ceremony in Sengoku era

 Chano-yu ceremony was used as the way of leading many retainers,subordinates, by the Lord in Sengoku period. (I mistook the word "lord" in last time post.I'm sorry.)
The Lord Nobunaga was the collector of many precious tea utensils.
When his retainers did the good job,(for example,win the war) he gave his precious tea utensils to the retainers as rewards.
Such rewards as precious tea utensils were used for boosting the motivation of retainers.They were used for increasing the mood of subordinates.
Gradually,tea ceremony became the status symbol for samurai.They show off their status power by opening the tea ceremony.(Tea ceremony was permitted only distinguished retainers in Nobunaga era.)

Tea ceremony was also the only place where samurai had relaxing,pleasant time,after they had appalling wars.

Saturday, May 14, 2016

Tenkawa Village

I visited Tenkawa Village,located in the middle of Nara today.
Spiritual place,because there is a pilgrimage route here.
The temperature is cool here,even in midsummer.
On the way,I met white sacred horse.
I think it's a good luck sign.

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My next update is May 28.

Friday, May 13, 2016

Rikyu and Hideyoshi

On Sunday,I'm watching "Sanada-maru",historical TV show. (NHK)
Rikyu,master of a tea ceremony,is one of the supporting character on this TV show.
He served Lord Hideyoshi,as a close advisor.
Rikyu pursued "Wabi-Sabi",which means simplicity,calmness,modesty.
But his Lord Hideyoshi was showy man,he didn't like Rikyu's style.
There is a feud between Rikyu and Hideyoshi,
And finally,Hideyoshi ordered Rikyu hara-kiri.(Rikyu died in 1591.)

This is a famous historical incident in Japan.
Rikyu was so influencial man,so he was always a menace for Lord Hideyoshi.

I'm not sure if I can see this story on Sanada-maru.
I'm looking for watching it on this Sunday.

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Saturday, April 9, 2016

Ginger tea

I have been bad cold since the end of last month. (I had head ache,soar throat,heavy cough)
But today I feel better.
I tried "ginger tea" for four days.
I made tea,and put ginger into it.(a spoonful of ginger,grated)
I tried it three times a day,and continue drinking for four days.
To my surprise,sweat is pouring out so much!
I heard that ginger has the power to make our blood flow freely,and warm our body from the inside.
Anyway,ginger helped me recovering from bad cold.
I don't like relying on only medicine too much.
One of the reason is "Antimicrobial resistance" problem.
(Please check this site.)

I want to improve my immune system. Ginger is one of the very helpful food for that.

Monday, March 7, 2016

Apricot flowers in Yakushi-ji Temple,Nara (March,2016)

At the beginning of March,Apricot flowers are at their best in Yakushi-ji Temple.
I visited there yesterday.
The air was filled with sweet,wonderful smells of flowers.
We can enjoy seasonal flowers in this temple.
In April,we can see beautiful sakura flowers here,as you know.
 And you can see my memorable post in 2012 from here.
Adriana,my friend in Romania,came all the way here in Nara!
We visited this temple and Horyuji-Temple together.
It was sakura season in April,my wonderful memory :)

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Chicken & Rabbit Paella

Last Sunday,I visited a Spanish restaurant "La Gallega" in Kyoto (Near Keihan Sanjo Station).
It was our first time to visit here.
I ordered "Chicken & Rabbit Paella". This photo.
Mui rico!!!  I love this.
My husband ordered "Gambas al ajillo",and "Tortilla de patata".He loved them,too!
Next time,I'll try Iberian pork Paella!

Thursday, February 11, 2016

US presidential primaries 2016

US presidential primaries draw attention here in Japan now.
Mr Trump and Mr Sanders won New Hampshire by large margins.

"Bombastic Republican outsider"  (the guardian), haha,it's nice expression.
"Where most candidates lobby for endorsements from prominent members of their own party,Trump has gleefully insulted Republican insiders." (Vox)
It's interesting.
He has also been a skilled user of social media,that is the key in his success.

Apparently Sanders is the overwhelming favorite of young voters.
I heard that now "socialism" is becoming more popular with young Americans.

Next race goes to South Carolina, I'm always focused on it.

Election wins energize Osaka Ishin