Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Shouted at female assembly member to "get married" (the Metropolitan Assembly of Japan)

He is apologizing to her,making a deep bow.
They are both Japanese politician.
He apologized her after he shouted sexist remarks during her speech about increased public support for pregnant woman.
He apologized for shouting out "You should get married" while she was speaking.
Besides him,unidentified male assembly members shouted out "Can't you even bear a child?" or
"You are the one who should get married as soon as possible."
Yes,as you know,he became the focus of grobal criticism now.
I have to admit that it is the tip of the iceberg in Japan.
In our country,the tendency of looking down on woman has deep roots.
"Women should marry soon,and bear child."  This has long been common sense in Japan.
But recently,as Japan became increasingly grobalized, we gradually noticed that our "common sense" is not always an international common sense.
We have to admit that we are still a long way from a real understanding of human rights,personal dignity,morality,grobal perspective.
 And we can't conclude that the education in Japan has nothing to do with such shameful remarks of him.

Maiko and beautiful garden

It is fine weather today,
I could take some nice pics of geiko and maiko,
so I'd like to show you them.
I'm happy if you enjoy them.
Classical Japanese garden was beautiful.
Many cameramen asked her lots of pose,for example,"Look at here!",
so finally fatigue showed on her face.

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