Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Setsubun Sai (Maiko dance performance and beans throwing) in Yasaka Shrine,Kyoto Feburary 2,2014

This is Yasaka Shrine in Kyoto.
Today Setsubun special event is going to be held here.It sounds exciting.
Let's go!
After a long wait,two maiko girls appeared to us.
From now,they're going to perform classical Japanese dance at the stage in the precincts of a shrine.
After dance performance,they're going to throw beans in order to drive away evil spirits.
They started dancing.
The dance number is "The plum-blossoms show the signs of spring".
She is "Momi-fuku (もみ福)".
She is "Chizuru (千鶴)".
The dance show ended solemnly.
After a dance,they started throwing beans.
Please don't worry,
beans are BAGGED,not bared,
so that no one gets hurt :)
I wish you every happiness!!

And these maiko events below are recommended in season from now.

Baikasai : February 25.This month
Miyako Odori :April 1-30,2014 (Gion Kobu)  http://www.miyako-odori.jp/english/index.html
Kyo-Odori : April (Details still haven't been decided) Miyagawa-chou
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