Saturday, November 10, 2012

Chrysanthemums Show in Kyoto Botanical Garden in November

Today I went to the Kyoto Botanical Garden,to see a chrysanthemums show.
This Botanical Garden is located in Sakyouku,Shimogamo,Kyoto.
The chrysanthemums are at their best now,at the beginning of November.
They are in full bloom.
This mixed-color chrysanthemums are beautiful.
Next,let's go to the garden outside.
This is the garden.Many chrysanthemums for contest are exhibited here.
There are many ways of planting in chrysanthemum.
Please look at this picture,this is called "Kengai-zukuri".
This imitates tufted wild chrysanthemums drooping between rocks.
This is called "Senrin-Shitate".
This is also one of the way of planting of chrysanthemums.
This is fan-shaped planting.
So many chrysanthemums for competitions are lined up side by side.
Some of the chrysanthemums were awarded a "gold prize" or "silver prize" by the sponsor.
A standard for judgement is,for example, 
the leaves are not eaten by worms,
orderly arrangement (layout) of the chrysanthemums,
the size and the shape of the flowers,etc..
This layout is called "Sanbon-Shitate".
Three chrysanthemums are planted in one place side biy side.
The nearest three yellow chrysanthemums are called "Hosokuda-Saki".
"Hosokuda" means "Small tubules".
These are like fireworks,really beautiful.
These are "Golden Prize" chrysanthemums.
The shapes,the sizes,the colors,the heights,...
Every element meets adequate standard of quality.They're wonderful.
Congratulations on the victory! :):)