Sunday, May 12, 2013

Maiko and Kyoto Museum of Traditional Craft

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Today I visited "Kyoto Museum of Traditional Craft" in Kyoto.
On every Sunday,we can see maiko's dance and crafts artizan's demonstration.
During maiko's dance,photos are not permitted,it's a pity,
but after dance,she had a look around this museum,
so fortunately I could take a photo of her.
Let us check her fashion.
Today's her fashion is based around the color bright green and red.
Maiko is very season-conscious,
"Bright green" is considered to be the most suitable color in this May season.
And please look at her kanzashi(ornamental hairpin),it is wisteria.
In May,maiko wear this wisteria kanzashi.
Because May is the season of blooming wisteria.
And this big obi is interesting.
Maiko wears this big obi.(Geiko doesn't wear this big obi.)
This is a design of river streams,
the color contrast of white and red is interesting.
She seems enjoying walking around the museum.
I found lacquer ware artizan.
This lacquer ware box is made by him.
As you see,it is really shiny,lustrous,
it is beautiful.
He said that it took him 6 month to make this box.
It costs around hundreds of thousands yen.
This dragonfly is realistic.
Its wings are made of mother-of pearl,he said.
And these flowers are Houttuynia (kind of herb),he said.
Gold powder is sprinkled,this technique is called "Makie".
"Be realistic" is one of the characteristics of Japanese traditional design.

This museum is located near Heian Jingu shrine.Sunday afternoon is good for visiting,

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