Sunday, March 9, 2014

Bonbai Ten (Japanese apricot trees bonsai exhibition) in Koriyama Castle,Nara 2014

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Today I visited Koriyama Castle in Nara,
to see "Bonbai Ten" (Japanese apricot trees bonsai exhibition).
This Castle was built about 1000 years ago,
and was always used as a base of battle by feudal lords. 
Apricot trees in the castle garden.
Inside the castle,so many apricot trees bonsai were displayed.
Each of them has its own name,
for example,this tree is "Shira-yuki" (White Snow).
It is romantic,isn't it?
This tree is "Sou-shun" (Early Spring)
This tree is "Kei-setsu".(Kei-setsu means "diligence" in Japan. Original meaning is "Firefly and Snow". )

I can't show you all in this post,
so I will show other pics in my next post.

Please have a wonderful day!