Thursday, July 21, 2011

Gion-Festival (祇園祭) Kyoto

"Gion Festival"(祇園祭) is one of the most famous festivals in Japan.
This festival dates back to the Middle Ages,more than 1000 years ago.
Exorcising evil spirits is the main purpose of this festival.
It spans the entire month of July and is crowned by a parade.
The street is crowded with so many people.

So many lanterns...
Tonight is the previous night of big parade.
We call this "Yoiyama",
which means the night before the parade.
This float is called "Kitakannonyama"(北観音山),
which is decorated with beautiful tapestries
 both from Nishijin and imported from all over the world.
This float is going to parade down the street tomorrow.

Children dress in yukata,enjoying the festival.

This is also float shaped like a ship.
This is also decorated beautifully.
Tomorrow,about 40 people is going to get on this float
and parade down the street.

This ship is decorated by these imaginary birds
 made of mother-of pearl,gold,etc...

Even the ceiling is like a work of art...

The next day of "Yoiyama",
people march in procession around the Kyoto city.

Some floats are decorated with European tapestries.
These European tapestries are said to have been brought from Belgium,
about 400 years ago.

This festival takes place annually in Kyoto.(in July)
Every year,so many tourist come to see this festival.
This festival brings us the real feeling of summer.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Nadeshiko Japan won Gold medal at 2011 World Cup in Germany

It was a dramatic game.
This victory encourages every Japanese people,
and is worth more than anything else in the world!
The game was a very clean match with lots of fair spirit.
USA team was really strong,
and the German supporters were really gentle in the games.
Thank you for the great match.