Sunday, December 15, 2013

A beautiful memorabilia

Today I decorated the room with flowers to change the atmosphere.
Texas Bluebell smells good.I love this pale purple colour.
This beautiful vase is a present from Adriana when she came to Japan in April 2012 from Romania.
She came all the way from Romania to Japan,and she visited Kyoto and Nara. We had a pleasant time there.This vase is a reminder of our memories.
I love the shape and colourings of this base very much.
Thank you so much,Adriana!

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

GION ODORI 2013 (Maiko Dance Performance Show in November) November 3

Hello everyone,
I went to Gion Kaikan Theater in Kyoto on November 3 (last Sunday),
to see "Gion Odori", Maiko Dance Performance which is held at this time every year.
This show is held from November 1 to November 10 in every year,at Gion Kaikan Theater.
If you visit Kyoto at the beginning of November,you can't miss this show!
I guarantee this show is splendid.
(Photo was almost restricted in this Theater,so I can show you only a little.)
This is the ticket. 
It is better for you to buy ticket previously.They start selling ticket from the end of October.
This is the stage where Maiko dance performance is held.
The finale was especially wonderful.
There are many sweets shop near the Theater.
"Gion Koishi" is one of the good sweets cafe,highly recommended.
How about Maccha Parfait after the Dance show?
Thank you for always visiting my blog :)
Please have a wonderful day.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Autumn scenery in Asuka Village,Nara

Autumn scenery of Asuka village (25 minutes away from my house by car.)
Cosmoses are blooming beautifully.
And the rice plants have ripen fully in this season,
we can enjoy their golden colours.
And the landscape of Tanada (shelf rice paddies) fields is beautiful.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Tsukesage (The names of Kimono)

These kimono are called "Tsukesage".
This maple design makes us feel the sense of autumn.
Flowers of four seasons are described skillfully.
What is the difference between "Tsukesage" and "Houmon-gi"?
Actually,the making process is very different.
In Houmon-gi,we draw design on the basted kimono.
But in Tsukesage,we draw design directly on the roll of cloth,
without basting.
As you see,in Tsukesage,the basting process is omitted.
That is why Tsukesage is more affordable price than Houmon-gi.
She wears Tsukesage.
She coordinates her Tsukesage and obi well.
They are similar color,pale green.
Tsukesage is rather casual,semi-formal kimono,
compared to Houmon-gi.
And obi and obijime, they are also good combination.
I hope it will become a help of your kimono coordination:)
Thanks for always visiting my blog.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Kyoto International Manga Fair 2013 (2)

I found Manga works from abroad. It was interesting.
These manga works below are entries to the contest "Silent Manga Audition 2013" from Vietnam,Indonesia,Germany,and Italy.
The theme is "Love Letter".
This is Silent Manga,so there are no words,
the important thing is how they appeal to the readers without using words.
Total ability is required.
 During class,she found a love letter in her desk.
So she went out of the classroom(after obtaining permission from her teacher),
rushed into the toilet,and read it.
she jumped to the joy.
This manga won Excellence Award in this audition.
Every manga work from abroad is high level,high skill.
In Manga,
even if there are no words,
we can understand each other.
There are no border.
let's enjoy
"Otaku Life" !:):)

Monday, September 23, 2013

Kyoto International Manga Anime Fair 2013

 I visited International Manga Anime Fair in Kyoto on September 8.
I felt the coming of a new era of Japanese Manga,
it is the advent of a new age,
 after old era finished.
Because there were no "Dragon Ball",or "Dorae-mon".
Instead,there were new manga such as "Hakuouki","Madoka-Magika",
 I found funny cosplay girls here:)
The air in this hall was thick of the enthusiasm of the participants. 
The title of this Manga is "Scissiors and dogs require nice handling".
 This is "Hakuou-ki".
"Magical girls Madoka-Magica".
This woman is drawing Manga using PC.
 Many artworks are displayed in this gallery.
 "Chihaya-furu" is featuring a girl who plays Japanese cards game called "Hyakunin-ishu".
 These are original artworks of the artist.
 "Jojo's bizarre adventure"
  This is also the original artwork of the artist.
  "Sengoku-Basara" is famous TV game.(PlayStation3).
Every visitor can try the newest version of "Sengoku-Basara" like this.
It is really powerful and exciting game!
To be continued...

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Jugoya - 十五夜- Autumun Full Moon (September 19, 2013)

It is full moon tonight.
We call it "Jugoya" (十五夜).
I'm happy to show you this beautiful moon.
Tonight we appreciate the full moon,
enjoying "Tsukimi-Dango" (Japanese sweets).