Saturday, February 12, 2011

Kyoto-Sweets (京菓子)

These are Kyo-gashi.
They're colorful and the shape is cute.
They're like jelly coated with sugar,so the feel of them are a bit hard.

These are Namagashi,soft Japanese sweets.

These are sweets of elaborate craftsmanship.
So if you visit Kyoto,please try these Kyo-gashi by all means.

The website below shows the process of creating Kyo-gashi,please visit it.
Fukuya(富久屋) is a good sweets store in Kyoto.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Kyo-Ningyo ー Tanaka Doll Shop (京人形 田中彌) in Kyoto

If you visit Kyoto,I recommend "Tanaka Doll Shop".(京人形 田中彌)
You can see these all dolls in this shop.
This is long-established famous shop since 1808.
(Attention: The dolls change every season.)

The above three pictures are "Hina-ningyo".
We celebrate the Girls' Festival on March 3.
Parents who have little girl display these kind of dolls in their house on that day.

The above three pictures are "Ichimatsu-ningyo".(市松人形)
These are originally a doll for dress-up.
These are traditional craft in Japan.
Kyoto girl in ancient times.

These are good for souvenir when you visit Kyoto,I think.