Tuesday, January 28, 2014

New Year Greeting event by maiko and geiko (Miyagawa-cho,Kyoto) January 5.2014

On January 5,we went to Miyagawacho,Kyoto.
We could see an event of New Year's greeting by maiko and geiko.
There were many cameramen there,
and some of them said,"It would be preferable if they wear more colorful kimono",
but every year,in this greeting event,it is custom for them to wear black kimono crested.
Young maiko : They wear black frisode with gorgeous designs on both shoulders.
Elder maiko : They wear black furisode with no designs on both shoulders.
Geiko : They wear black tomesode with no designs on both shoulders.
And in the way of tying an obi belt,there are some differences between maiko and geiko.
Anyway, it is lucky for us to see such a great scene at the beginning of this year :)