Thursday, December 30, 2010

Mon sejour en Paris ( October 14-19,2010) ②Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Paris

After a long walk,I could manage to get to my destination....

It's gorgeous.....
Notre Dame is an imposing cathedral.
Seen close up, this building is elaborately designed and looks formidable....

The carving is exquisite. I heared many famous clergymen are carved.
Let's enter!  I'm very exiting.... 
It's an altar...It's beautiful.

They're singing in a choir...
The stained glass is beautiful.The design is unbelievable.
This is famous Rose Window.It's amazing.

Chandeliers are so beautiful....
The candle and the religious paintings create sacred atmosphere in the cathedral.
Tall arched pillars are so beautiful.
They're beyond description.
Chandeliers are very decorative,gorgeous,classical,exquisite!
They're breathtaking....
I like big stained glass window in the cathedral.They're Gothic style.

They're sacred goblets.They show the power of Roman Catholic at that time.
They're beautiful.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Mon sejour en Paris ( October 14-19,2010) ①Pont-Neuf, La Seine

Yesterday evening I arrived in Paris. (Octover 14,2010)
My hotel is Villa Fenelon, located near Cadet station (Metro).
Villa Fenelon  web site ...

This is breakfast in Villa Fenelon.
This is really lovely...

 I like these breads...

 Now, I'm on the Pont Neuf. (this photo) The River Seine is very beautiful.
Everything is unbelievable!
Today, I'm going to Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Paris.

I heared this is famous department store near Pont Neuf,"Samaritaine".
I heared this department store is closed since June 2005,
because this building become too old.
But there is some project to renew this department store.

Is that famous bateaux-mouches? I wanna Seine river cruise...

This is a mounted statue of Henri ⅳ(1553ー1610).
He contributed to harmony between Protestant and Catholic in France.

Beautiful scenery....

It was my first visit to Île de la Cité,so I lost my way.
I wannna find Cathédrale Notre-Dame...

To be continued...

(I uploaded the photos of next blog again. So please enjoy "Mon sejour en Paris ②".
Sorry for long inconvenience.)

Sunday, December 26, 2010

"Sensho Kitamra"ー(染匠きたむら) Kimono Rental Shop④

Fix the shape....
It's almost finish...

Wow! You look so great!

You two look so nice!

We're under the illusion  we slip back in time to Edo period with her....
Backstyle is gorgeous,too!

Hold that pose! You're so graceful.

Wow! So fascinating!

 I wish you all the happiness in the world!

These animal crafts are made of Kimono cloth,called "Chirimen".
You can by them in this shop.
You can also buy these kind of cute animal crafts.

How was our exploration to "Sensho Kitamura"?
 You'll receive a hearty welcome at this shop. I guarantee.
 Now it's your turn.
Why don't you come and enjoy Kyoto with Kimono?

"Sensho Kitamura"  web site→