Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Yuzen Atelier "You" (遊) Furisode

Today I'd like to tell you about Japanese traditional Furisode.
Yuzen Atelier "You" (in Kyoto) creates these Furisode.

The cherry blossoms branches are hanging down...
These are standard designs of Furisode,and very popular.
This is handwritten design,and have scarcity value.
(If you interested in this kimono,let me know by e-mail.)

振袖 菖蒲に鴛鴦  

Mandarin ducks and Japanese Iris design.
Mandarin ducks are also standard design of Furisode.
This gradation of color needs high skills of artisan.
The marerial for Furisode is silk crepe.

 This is chrysanthemum design.
 Artisan used wax to express this fine,thin line.It needs high skills,too.

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