Thursday, October 13, 2016

Sanadamaru (historical drama)

Sanada Nobushige was one of Hideyoshi's favorite retainer.
The reign of Hideyoshi went well, there was no war throughout the country.
Hideyoshi's family and retainers were under protection of Hideyoshi in Osaka Castle.
But after Hideyoshi's death, Hideyoshi's family was so vulnerable.
Many retainers abondoned Hideyoshi's family.They shifted side to other strong loads,like Ieyasu.
But Sanada Nobushige never abondoned Hideyoshi's family until the very end.
Finally Ieyasu began to attack Osaka Castle.Nobushige fought back against Ieyasu in order to help Hideyoshi family,although the odds were against him.

He is so brave and reliable man,that is why his heroic episodes have been handed down from generation to generation.

That is the rough outline of "Sanadamaru" drama :)
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