Sunday, February 27, 2011

Baikasai ーKitano-Tenmangu (Tea ceremony)ー(梅花祭 北野天満宮) ②

Her kimono is an arabesque design.It is beautiful.
Pink plums are in their full.
This is "Darari-Obi".
As you know,this type of obi is peculiar to "Maiko" (young girl),
After they graduate "Maiko",they become "Geiko".
And "Geiko" wears different types of obi,which is called "Taiko-musubi".

The woman (left) wearing green kimono is "Geiko",
and the girl (center) is "Maiko".

The plum trees are covered with blossoms.
She entertains the guests  with hot green tea.

She smiled tenderly.
The plum flowers are in their full glory now.
We hold this celemony in every Feburary 25 in Kitano-Tenmangu.
So if you visit Kyoto,please take part in this tea celemony with your friends or family. 

Baikasaiー Kitano-Tenmangu (Tea ceremony) (梅花祭 北野天満宮) ①

On February 25,we held "Baikasai" in Kitano-Tenmangu.
A lot of people visit here today to see beautiful maiko and geiko girls!
They entertain guests with hot green tea.
This ceremony has long history, about 900 years.
Please enjoy photos.

This is "Geiko".She put on "Taiko-obi".
She already graduated "Maiko".

To be coutinued....