Saturday, January 29, 2011

Spring has comeー Kitano Tenmangu(北野天満宮) Kyoto

It seems that spring has come in Kyoto.The plum trees are now budding.
Kitano Tenmangu is good shrine in Kyoto.It is worth visiting 

This gateway is a symbol of Kitano Tenmangu shrine.

This is a stone gurdian dog at the gate.

This is the entrance of the shrine.
This is outward appearance of main shrine.

This flower smells sweet!
This is main shrine,which is national treasure.
Kitano Tenmangu is dedicated to Sugawara Michizane,who is a nobleman in Heian era (about 1200 years ago)
He was a brilliant person,so he is known as "god of study" for everyone. 
So this shrine is very popular among students preparing for an examination.
Now is the season of entrance examination,so students from all over the country come to this shrine to pray for success in the entrance examination. 

The pink plum.

maiko in Tenmangu 

She is Heian Hime.
Her sweetheart is a bad correspondent,so she is anxious about that.
She expressed that in her poetry.

Students write their wish on these votive tablets,and dedicate them to this shrine.

For example,"I'll definitely pass the entrance examination this year!" etc....
Like new year resolution.
This tablet is called "Ema".
May God answer their prayers!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Yuzen Dyeing Atelierー Sensho Ichikawa (染匠市川株式会社), Kyoto ②

In this room,artisans are coloring Yuzen.

She is coloring the seeds of ivy.

This is a cloth-convey system so that they can work smoothly.

Another woman is painting.
She is coloring buds of Japanese apricot.

This design is a combination of Japanese chrysanthemum,Japanese apricot,and fan.

This man is also painting.

He gives the cherry blossom a few finishing touches.
The closest attention is needed to draw fine line.

The cherry blossoms are described vividly.

This is a reference room.This room is like small library.

They refer to these books for drawing designs for a kimono.
These books are about ancient Japanese pictures.
These books are very expensive.

For example,they refer to this kind of ancient picture.

Yuzen kimono is created through long long processes.
It takes at least 2 months to create Yuzen kimono.
It is the product after their strenuous efforts.

Yuzen Dyeing Atelierー Sensho Ichikawa (染匠市川株式会社), Kyoto ①

 Japanese Uzen Kimono fascinate every people.
 But how is that created?

This is Yuzen Dyeing Atelier,Sensho Ichikawa(染匠市川株式会社)in Kyoto.
The nearest subway station is Marutamachi.(丸太町)
They create,sell,and repair Yuzen kimono.
This is one of the leading companies of Yuzen in Kyoto.
Atelier observation is always welcome.(A reservation is needed.)

What is "Sensho"?
"Sensho" is people who control and give a command every artisans and contractors when they create Yuzen kimono.
Sensho is like headquarters in creating kimono.
There are about four processes in creating Yuzen.
First,they decide composition of kimono,(draw a rough sketch of kimono)
And secondly,they decide and choose skillful artisans,and give them direction.
Thirdly,they decide color arrangement of kimono.
And last,they give artisans final direction. (embroidery,gold-leaf folding,etc...)

These are Yuzen (made here). The description is delicate and vivid. 

These are processes of dyeing Yuzen.(photos below)
This is the rough sketch of Yuzen.This is drawn by green grass.

And they trace all the outline by specilal paste.
This is the preparations before dyeing.

Wow! It is dyed.That's great.

This is the preparation,too.
We have to dye background.
If dyes run and spread,it ruins everything,
So this preparation is to avoid running dyes.

Oh,it's really wonderful.

This is also preparation before dyeing.

This is the reverse side of the cloth.

In kimono,the left designs and right designs should be matched exactly,
like when we put together a jigsaw puzzle.  
This is the main front part of a kimono.
To be continued...