Sunday, May 13, 2012

The Temple of Peony (Hase-dera,Nara)

I went to "Hase-dera" Temple in Nara today.
"Hase-dera" Temple is famous for peonies,
that is why this temple is also called "The Temple of Peonies".
This temple was built in 727.(approximately),
and has been famous for a pilgrimage of thirty-three Buddhist temples throughout the Kansai region of  Japan. Very sacred place.
The main hall was designated as National Treasure in 2004.
Honestly,now peonies were at a little time past their prime,(last week was at their best),
so next time I'd like to see their full bloom.
Hope you'll enjoy these pictures.
(An admission fee is 500 yen,and the nearest station is Hasedera-station,Kintetsu line.)

This five-storied pagoda was built after World WarⅡ.
The species of peonies are more than 150,
and there are about 7000 peonies in this temple.
The best season is at the beginning of May.
They bloom only 1 week or so,very short time.