Thursday, August 25, 2011

Shouren-in(青蓮院) Japanese-style gardenーKyoto

This Japanese-style garden was created about 600 years ago,by Soami(相阿弥),
an ancient landscape gardener.

In ancient times,good families people,for example, Imperial family people,
or the nobility people,became priests of specific temples like this,
and controled these temples by their political and financial power.

This temple is also used for temporary residence for the noble people.
That is why this building is so refined and elegant.

Many framed pictures of ancient poets are decorated on the upper part of the wall.

And you can enjoy taking a walk in the garden.

A red carp is swimming in the pond.

If you need relaxing space in Kyoto,I think this is the most suitable place to feel comfortable.
You can enjoy well-kept garden and fresh green,you can enjoy relaxing and peaceful time.