Saturday, April 9, 2016

Ginger tea

I have been bad cold since the end of last month. (I had head ache,soar throat,heavy cough)
But today I feel better.
I tried "ginger tea" for four days.
I made tea,and put ginger into it.(a spoonful of ginger,grated)
I tried it three times a day,and continue drinking for four days.
To my surprise,sweat is pouring out so much!
I heard that ginger has the power to make our blood flow freely,and warm our body from the inside.
Anyway,ginger helped me recovering from bad cold.
I don't like relying on only medicine too much.
One of the reason is "Antimicrobial resistance" problem.
(Please check this site.)

I want to improve my immune system. Ginger is one of the very helpful food for that.