Monday, February 2, 2015

What is "KABE-DON" ? And fascinating Valentine event at Japanese department store

"KABE-DON"  is one of the sole topic of conversation among young Japanese girls now.
What is "KABE-DON"?
Seeing is better than hearing.
This is KABE-DON,
guy is leaning over girl,pressing her against a wall,his hand slammed up on it.
Now every Jananese girl seems dreaming such situation with their favorite boys.

Some of the Japanese department store like "Daimaru" is now holding an interesting Valentine chocolates event for young women now.
They hire young good-looking guys,and make them guide shoppers,giving them perfect services.
These guys are specially chosen for this event,they all passed the special auditions.
And shoppers can take a memorial picture with their favorite guy.
When they take memorial photos,shoppers can request guys this "kabe-don" situation! (>▽<)

What an amusing event!
What do you think?

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