Saturday, August 17, 2013

Dinner at Halekulani Hotel

Hello everyone.

I'd like to tell you about our dinner in Hawaii.

My father and I were looking for a nice restaurant in Waikiki where we can enjoy dinner,hula dance and band performance.

So I asked a local staff woman who is well informed about Waikiki if she knew some informations about such restaurant.

she said immediately.
As I later discovered,Halekulani is a high-class hotel which is located near our hotel.

She said that the restaurant in Halekulani is always open to the public,
so we'll be able to have a dinner at the restaurant in Halekulani,even if we are not customers of that hotel.

Hawaiian music is so relaxing,moody,peaceful rhythms.
And hula dance makes us cheer and smile ^_^
Potage soup is really good.
Sunfish sauteing.
Sometimes sparrows come to our table to seek for food.
Another hula dancer started dancing.
Fresh fruit juice
Thanks to Halekulani,
we had a wonderful dinner,we will never forget the memory,
my father was very satisfied,
It was so peaceful that we forget the time.
Thank you for reading this post,
Please have a wonderful weekend ^ ^