Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Disguise Samurai festival in Kyoto (Jidai Matsuri) on October 22.2016

Yes,we met Halloween disguised people in Kyoto coincidentally :)
No,I'm kidding,sorry. It was the end of last month (October 22),when we were driving near Keihan Sanjo station, coincidentally we met disguised people marching around Kyoto city.
Yes,it was Jidai Matsuri,one of autumn festival events in Kyoto.
We were lucky,so we took many photos of them.
They disguise ancient people of each era in Japan,as you can see in these photos.
There were so many viewers including foreign sightseers along the street,watching this march.
The traffic was not stopped for this march,so when the light turned red,they had to stop marching and wait until the light turn blue. Later I heard that this march continued about 3 hours,it must have been exhausting for them.
Anyway,it was so lucky day for us,we could see such a wonderful scene.