Monday, May 6, 2013

World Foods Exhibition 2013 in Osaka, South Port

Today I went to "World Foods Exhibition 2013" in Osaka with my husband.
We can enjoy varieties of World Foods here today.
 (Foods from central and eastern Europe,Asia.)
It's so exciting!

So many people!
Today is lucky day for us,because we can enjoy rare foods from lots of different countries^ ^
The air in this room was thick with the enthusiasm of the participants.
We Japanese are all gluttonous!

This is Romanian foods booth. Let's go.

I wanted to eat this "Mititei", (I think it's meat dish,) but unfortunately it has already sold out.
This is never enough to be regretted.
Instead,I bought Romanian beer "URSUS" for souvenir.
I want to try it later. ^ ^
This man is cooking seafood paella. I want to try it.
This is just what I want to eat!

This is Belgian food booth.
We can enjoy Belgian beer here. Let's try it.
She served me a delicious looking beer with lovely smile ^ ^
Wow,what a spread!
These are British dishes.
Curried Tuna hamburgers,sausages,and mashed potatoes.
We are going to eat them with chopsticks.  (This is Japanese style.)

And Belgian beer! I love it.
It has a gentler fragrance and deeper flavor,compared to Japanese beer.

Here's to your health!

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