Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Saigu-Gyouretsu (An ancient people's parade in Arashiyama,Kyoto)

We are now in the premises of Nonomiya Shrine in Kyoto.(Arashiyama)
I came here to see Saigu Parade (An imperial mission that escorts imperial princess to Ise Shrine,Mie prefecture.)
Ise Shrine (Mie pref.) has been the most prestigious Shrine in Japan since ancient times,that is why an imperial princess in Kyoto visited there instead of the Emperor to serve God.
Every time when Emperor changed,new imperial princess was sent to Ise.
This parade has continued since 1300 years ago.
Now is the time of their arrival.
So many people were waiting for them to come...
Here they come.
These men dressed blue are "Shou-juu"(将従).
They have bows and arrows,and guarded this party.
This man on the horse is the supervisor who is responsible for this party.
He is "Kansou-shi" (監送使).
He is marching playing an instrument (Shou 笙).
There were also children who plays flutes.
This is "Saiou-dai" (An imperial princess).
Of course she is not real imperial woman,she is a private citizen,
she disguises as an imperial princess today.
They are high-ranking court ladies,called "Myou-bu"(命婦).
The woman who wears headdress is "Uneme"(采女).
She engages in religious matteres.
These women are "Nyo-juu" (女嬬).
They take care of an imperial princess.
They are Arashiyama local people,today they disguise as ancient Heian people,and march Arashiyama.
They are trying to maintain this traditional parade,and recreate the parade faithfully every year.
I want to write more on next post.
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Hoping you a wonderful day.