Saturday, April 14, 2012

My friends wedding ceremony in April 7

Today I went to my friend's wedding ceremony at Westin Hotel,Kyoto.
(She and I went to the same collage.)
The bride and the groom appeared from a limo.
 The ceremony started.
This is a chapel-style wedding ceremony,
which is very popular among Japanese young women.
 The ceremony was performed solemnly.
 After the ceremony, a wedding reception started.
The bride and the groom changed their costume.
She is beautiful in her scarlet dress.
 Wishing you much happiness!

Sakura and a newly married couple in AprilーNara,Japan

Hello! How are you these days?
Cherry blossoms are in their full in Japan now.
They are at their best now.(in the middle of April)
Cherry blossoms along a river.

They are bride and groom. Today they hold wedding ceremony at Kasuga-Taisha shrine.
They are enjoying strolling the park,riding in a ricksha.
Please look at the bride,dressed in pure white,
this is Japanese-style bride,called "Shiro-muku".
This fashion is traditional Japanese bride and groom.
Wishing them much happiness.