Saturday, January 21, 2012

David VillaーHope you'll soon recover

He is David Villa,Barcelona's star FW.
Unfortunately he broke his leg in the last Club World Cup (Japan) semi-final against Al-Sadd.
"He will be a long time. It's a big blow to the team.
We just hope that he can play again as soon as possible." his manager said.

Wish you a quick recovery.
See you in Munich at Champions League Final 2012.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

New Year Japanese archery competition (Sanjuu-sangen-dou Temple,Kyoto)②

She fixes an arrow to a bow....
And draw a bow to the full...
They aim at these targets.
Hurry! It's my turn...

New Year Japanese archery competition (Sanjuu-sangen-dou Temple,Kyoto)①

This is "Sanjuu-sangen-dou" Temple in Kyoto.
Today we have an annual Japanese archery competition here.
Young men and women (age 20),who have an experience of archery, gather at this big Temple,and compete with each other.
Another meaning of this event is a cerebration of coming-of-age.
This traditional event dates back to Edo era.
About 600 years ago,samurai people competed their skills of archery at this Temple,and that is the origin of this event.
They wear special costume,called "Hakama".
Today is the long-awaited day for them.
They practiced strenuously for today's competition.

Finally the competition started...
They focus all of their concentration on a target...

(To be continued)