Thursday, November 27, 2014

Saiou-Gyouretsu ② (purification ceremony at Oi-River)

This woman is "Saiou-dai".
"Saiou" means "an unmarried female relative of the Japanese emperor".
"dai" means "substitute" or "replacement".
This lady disguise herself as "Saiou" today for this event,
she is not a real Imperial relative,
so she is "Saiou-dai" and not "Saiou".
In ancient times,Saiou was sent to Ise-jingu Shrine in order to serve God.
On the long way to Ise-jingu Shrine,she accompanied so many escorts and guards,security police,asssistants to protect herself from enemies,and take care of herself.
It took them about 6 days to go to Ise-jingu (Mie prefecture) from Kyoto by walk.
This event recreates those ancient people's procession,and is held in October of each year.

Now she is performing the ritual ablutions(ritual purification) in Oi-River.
Because of the big typhoon hit there on the previous day of the event,
it was so slushy underfoot,
so we could only see them from far away. We couldn't see them closely.
I'm happy if you enjoy the atmosphere of the good old days of Japan and ancient noble people.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Saigu-Gyouretsu (An ancient people's parade in Arashiyama,Kyoto)

We are now in the premises of Nonomiya Shrine in Kyoto.(Arashiyama)
I came here to see Saigu Parade (An imperial mission that escorts imperial princess to Ise Shrine,Mie prefecture.)
Ise Shrine (Mie pref.) has been the most prestigious Shrine in Japan since ancient times,that is why an imperial princess in Kyoto visited there instead of the Emperor to serve God.
Every time when Emperor changed,new imperial princess was sent to Ise.
This parade has continued since 1300 years ago.
Now is the time of their arrival.
So many people were waiting for them to come...
Here they come.
These men dressed blue are "Shou-juu"(将従).
They have bows and arrows,and guarded this party.
This man on the horse is the supervisor who is responsible for this party.
He is "Kansou-shi" (監送使).
He is marching playing an instrument (Shou 笙).
There were also children who plays flutes.
This is "Saiou-dai" (An imperial princess).
Of course she is not real imperial woman,she is a private citizen,
she disguises as an imperial princess today.
They are high-ranking court ladies,called "Myou-bu"(命婦).
The woman who wears headdress is "Uneme"(采女).
She engages in religious matteres.
These women are "Nyo-juu" (女嬬).
They take care of an imperial princess.
They are Arashiyama local people,today they disguise as ancient Heian people,and march Arashiyama.
They are trying to maintain this traditional parade,and recreate the parade faithfully every year.
I want to write more on next post.
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Friday, October 10, 2014

Inappropriate questions for a newcomer at Japanese company

Hello everyone.

Today I read an article written by an american auther,
the title is "How To Survive At a Japanese Company".
I'd like to quote some sentences from that article here;

"You will be asked many many times how old you are, if you have a significant other,where you're from - and in extreme examples - if you can use chopsticks.
They'll also compliment your Japanese ability even if you have none.
Any foreigner who has lived here for a time knows the questions and protocol of which I speak.
Refuse outright to answer these questions, or better yet, lie your ass off.
It will add greatly to the mystery surrounding you.and drive them freakin' crazy in a good way.
Japanese love comic book fantasy. Fulfill that for them."

Phew, his remark tingles in my ears...
Maybe such questions are very unpleasant,very rude for foreign newcomers.
Unfortunately,many Japanese people can't understand that such question is very rude for new people.
Many Japanese tend to ask such questions, because they want to reveal his identity and share the privacy with everyone.
Many Japanese people are very qurious,they can't understand that such questions are "invasion of privaciy".
Our offensive inquisitiveness is incorrigible, if you are asked such questions in Japanese company,yes,lie your ass off! That is the best way to refuse outright to answer such rude questions.

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Friday, October 3, 2014

Autumn sceneries of Asuka Village

Autumn sceneries of Asuka Village.
Cosmos flowers are blooming beautifully,
and rice plants are waiting for harvesting.
I love these autumn sceneries here in this season.

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Cat tile plate

Thank you for visiting my blog,
Recently I started drawing cat picture and making cat tile plate,cat mug cup,etc.
This is bengal cat,I love this coat pattern.
It took me almost 3 weeks to finish this tile plate.
It is very fun to make it!

In this summer,we had many torrential rains throughout Japan,and according to heavy rains,there was a big sediment disaster in Hiroshima,72 people died.
We've been having strange weather the past few years.
Is there any effective way to stop global warming...?

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Shouted at female assembly member to "get married" (the Metropolitan Assembly of Japan)

He is apologizing to her,making a deep bow.
They are both Japanese politician.
He apologized her after he shouted sexist remarks during her speech about increased public support for pregnant woman.
He apologized for shouting out "You should get married" while she was speaking.
Besides him,unidentified male assembly members shouted out "Can't you even bear a child?" or
"You are the one who should get married as soon as possible."
Yes,as you know,he became the focus of grobal criticism now.
I have to admit that it is the tip of the iceberg in Japan.
In our country,the tendency of looking down on woman has deep roots.
"Women should marry soon,and bear child."  This has long been common sense in Japan.
But recently,as Japan became increasingly grobalized, we gradually noticed that our "common sense" is not always an international common sense.
We have to admit that we are still a long way from a real understanding of human rights,personal dignity,morality,grobal perspective.
 And we can't conclude that the education in Japan has nothing to do with such shameful remarks of him.

Maiko and beautiful garden

It is fine weather today,
I could take some nice pics of geiko and maiko,
so I'd like to show you them.
I'm happy if you enjoy them.
Classical Japanese garden was beautiful.
Many cameramen asked her lots of pose,for example,"Look at here!",
so finally fatigue showed on her face.

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Monday, June 2, 2014

Blue kimono maiko - The pinwheel in her hand is whirling

She wears beautiful blue kimono,blowing on the pinwheel in her hand.
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my next update is June 16.
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Sunday, May 18, 2014

Wisteria Kanzashi

"Seiryu-en" is a beautiful Japanese garden in Nijou-Castle,Kyoto.
This garden is relatively new garden,which is made about 40 years ago.(Usually not open to the public)
Today maiko and geiko came to this garden for annual photography event.
 Hope you'll enjoy these photos.
Her kanzashi is iris,because it is suitable flower in May.
Light blue and green are also suitable refreshing colours in this season.
She wears wisteria kanzashi.It is also suitable in this season.
To be continued to next post....
Next update is June 1.(in the plan)
Please have a nice weekend.

Monday, May 5, 2014

Peonies temple in Nara (Hase-Temple) in 2014,May

I visited Hase-Temple in Nara last weekend.
As you know,this temple is established about 1300 years ago,
and it is famous for beautiful peonies in May.
Now is the best season to visit this temple.
Hope you'll enjoy this beautiful temple and peonies :)
And I plan to update my next post on May 18.
This temple is also famous for this five-stores pagoda.
There are a nice pine trees garden.
The scenery from this temple was so great.
Japanese yellow rose (Kerria)
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