Wednesday, November 6, 2013

GION ODORI 2013 (Maiko Dance Performance Show in November) November 3

Hello everyone,
I went to Gion Kaikan Theater in Kyoto on November 3 (last Sunday),
to see "Gion Odori", Maiko Dance Performance which is held at this time every year.
This show is held from November 1 to November 10 in every year,at Gion Kaikan Theater.
If you visit Kyoto at the beginning of November,you can't miss this show!
I guarantee this show is splendid.
(Photo was almost restricted in this Theater,so I can show you only a little.)
This is the ticket. 
It is better for you to buy ticket previously.They start selling ticket from the end of October.
This is the stage where Maiko dance performance is held.
The finale was especially wonderful.
There are many sweets shop near the Theater.
"Gion Koishi" is one of the good sweets cafe,highly recommended.
How about Maccha Parfait after the Dance show?
Thank you for always visiting my blog :)
Please have a wonderful day.