Saturday, January 28, 2012

Nishiki-Market (Kyoto)

Nishiki-Ichiba(Nishiki-Market) is the most famous marketplace in Kyoto,
located on a road one block north and parallel to Shijou-Street and west of Teramachi Street.
There are always so many people,including tourists here.

Here you'll find many kinds of pickles,Japanese sweets,fresh seafood,fresh vegetables,etc...
This marketplace is worth visiting.
So many people here...
This shop sells Japanese traditional bean snack.
These are lovely sweets...
These are soft Japanese sweets,called"Nama-gashi".
She is grinding Japanese pepper in front of her shop.
She is giving a demonstration now.
And please try these Kyoto pickled vegetables!
Kyoto pickled vegetables have an excellent reputation in Japan.
They're so good!
"Kyoto-Vegetables" are local harvest.
They are very popular among many people in Japan.
I found a nice restaurant, named "Mochitsuki-ya".
Please look at these dishes.
These are very look like real dishes,but they're not.
They're imitations!
In Japan,imitation dishes are often displayed in front of the shop,
They're like "menu". We can easily understand what kind of dishes we can eat in this restaurant.
This is appetizing...

These are yummy...
These are toasted rice cake,
covered with sweetend yellow soy bean flour,dried laver,
adzuki beans,and soybean paste.
Please try them.

To be continued....