Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Mon sejour en Paris ( October 14-19,2010) ①Pont-Neuf, La Seine

Yesterday evening I arrived in Paris. (Octover 14,2010)
My hotel is Villa Fenelon, located near Cadet station (Metro).
Villa Fenelon  web site ...

This is breakfast in Villa Fenelon.
This is really lovely...

 I like these breads...

 Now, I'm on the Pont Neuf. (this photo) The River Seine is very beautiful.
Everything is unbelievable!
Today, I'm going to Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Paris.

I heared this is famous department store near Pont Neuf,"Samaritaine".
I heared this department store is closed since June 2005,
because this building become too old.
But there is some project to renew this department store.

Is that famous bateaux-mouches? I wanna Seine river cruise...

This is a mounted statue of Henri ⅳ(1553ー1610).
He contributed to harmony between Protestant and Catholic in France.

Beautiful scenery....

It was my first visit to Île de la Cité,so I lost my way.
I wannna find Cathédrale Notre-Dame...

To be continued...

(I uploaded the photos of next blog again. So please enjoy "Mon sejour en Paris ②".
Sorry for long inconvenience.)

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