Sunday, December 12, 2010

Nishijin Kimono Showー Kyoto


Good evening. I went to Kyoto today. There was a small Kimono Fashion Show at Kyoto Nishijin(西陣)Textile Center.( My husband and I happend to be passing by the place when the show started.)
"Nishijin Weaving" is typical traditional craft in Kyoto. It's very famous in Japan. "Nishijin" is a name of an area in Kyoto. This traditional craft has long history,over 1200 years. This weaving industry has  grown under the influence of Jacquard weaving technique in France,Lyon. The character of "Nishijin Weaving" is, for example, the brilliant coloring. And  we can feel a sense of season from each design. Today Kimono population is dwindling in Japan,but Nishijin Kimono is of high value even now.