Monday, January 17, 2011

New Year Archery Competition in Kyoto,Higashiyama (三十三間堂 通し矢)

This temple is famous "Sanjusangen-dou" (三十三間堂) in Higashiyama,Kyoto.
I dare say,when you visit Kyoto,you should go this temple.
It is really worth visiting.As many as 1000 Statue of Goddess are set up inside the temple.
They're unbelievable.they're one of the highlight of this temple.
But today's highlight is the Competition of Japanese Archery.
There are 2000 participants from all over the country.
Every participant is an experienced person,or a holder of a rank.
Most of participants are 20 years old,but others are the veteran players.

They are participants of this competition.
They're "debutants".
This competition is like "debutants ceremony".

She's going to the ground where the competition is being held.

The contest has already started.

The atmosphere is very tense....
They concentrate on the target.
The distance from the target is about 60m.
The target has a diameter of about 90cm.
They're veteran people.Their movements are excellent.
The contest is very hot and heated...
Who will survive?
Who will win in the finals....?

It takes about 10 minutes from JR Kyoto station by municipal bus to this Temple.
(The bus number is 100,or 206,or 208,and get off at "Hakubutsukan-SanjuSangendo-mae".)


  1. It's amazing, I dream to travel in Japan
    Your photo are beautiful

  2. @Tifette,
    Thank you very much for leaving a comment!
    Your blog is very nice.I dream to travel in France,too.Thank you.