Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Osechi(おせち)ーNew year dishes

In new year time,we eat "Osechi",new year dishes in Japan.
"Datemaki"(伊達巻) is made of egg and ground fish.
"Kamaboko"(かまぼこ) is boiled fish sausage(pink and white),
We also eat black beans(黒豆)(boiled and sweet),candied chestnuts,
small dried sardines(cooked in sweetened soy sauce).
My Osechi is not skillful.I like simple dishes.
I like raw fish,so I ate "Sashimi" this new year.
Salmon,salmon roe,squid,shrimp,scallop,...They were so good!


  1. How lovely! It all looks delicious!

  2. @jadeXcore,
    Thank you very much for leaving a comment!
    Every new year,We Japanese eat following...
    Black beans are for good health,
    Small dried sardines are for good harvests of this year,
    Candied chestnuts are for increasing wealth( because chestnuts are golden color.)
    May the new year be a happy year for you!

  3. @molla,
    Thank you very much!
    May the new year be a happy year for you!

  4. Kumiko; just out of curiosity, what is sashimi made of?

  5. @brolitz,
    Thank you for visiting my blog,
    "Sashimi" means fresh slices of raw fish,for example,tuna,salmon,sea bream,...and so on.
    They're so good.I love sashimi.