Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Spicy garlic-ramen stew ーfor dinner tonight

Today,I want to cook spicy-garlic-ramen stew.
It's very simple.It's my husband's favorite.
This is 1/2 of cabbage,and Chinese noodle.
Thin slices of pork ...350g
Bean sprouts.... 1 pack
Leek....1 pack ( You can substitute long green onions for this.)
Garlic...3 tablespoon (You have to grate garlic)
Sesame paste...3 tablespoon
These are for soup.

First,we have to cook spicy soup.
To cook soup,we need following things....
This is sesame paste.This is needed for soup.
We need 3 tablespoon.
This is grated garlic.We need 3 tablespoon. 
This is chicken bones.
....We need 1 and a half of tablespoon.
This is sesame oil.
.....We need 1 and a half of tablespoon. 
 This is miso.(soybean paste)
We need 3 tablespoon.(or more)
Miso is very important for this cuisine.
The amount of miso is up to you.
This is sliced red pepper.We need suitable amount.

Pour milk(1ℓ) into an earthen pot,and put this on the fire.(a medium flame)
Then put things above(sesami paste etc...) into the pot.

Then we put vesitables and meats into the pot.
Stew the meat and vegetables until well cooked.
Then we dish them up.
That's all.
It's very good.


  1. mmm, I wish I could try it:)
    thank you for visiting my moligami.

  2. @molla,
    Thank you for visiting my blog!
    Ha!Ha! I recommend you this recipe,but we have different cultural backgrounds.So I'm not so sure this is to your taste.