Sunday, February 27, 2011

Baikasai ーKitano-Tenmangu (Tea ceremony)ー(梅花祭 北野天満宮) ②

Her kimono is an arabesque design.It is beautiful.
Pink plums are in their full.
This is "Darari-Obi".
As you know,this type of obi is peculiar to "Maiko" (young girl),
After they graduate "Maiko",they become "Geiko".
And "Geiko" wears different types of obi,which is called "Taiko-musubi".

The woman (left) wearing green kimono is "Geiko",
and the girl (center) is "Maiko".

The plum trees are covered with blossoms.
She entertains the guests  with hot green tea.

She smiled tenderly.
The plum flowers are in their full glory now.
We hold this celemony in every Feburary 25 in Kitano-Tenmangu.
So if you visit Kyoto,please take part in this tea celemony with your friends or family. 


  1. Kumiko, thank you very much for these pictures!!!!!!!
    I`m so happy to see it.

  2. @molla,
    I'm very happy if you like them!

  3. Hi Kumiko,

    These pictures are absolutely beautiful!
    Thanks so much for sharing them. It is great
    learning about the culture of Japan through
    your eyes.

  4. stunning photos,Kumiko-san! i just love the first-year maiko in blue,she looks so tender. I wish i was there ;)

  5. @Freida,
    Thank you so much.It's my pleasure if you like them!

    I love the maiko in blue,too!She looks so tender,and pure.

  6. Wonderful pictures, Kumiko! :) I can't wait for our plum trees to blossom as well - though here it's still a few cold months away...

  7. @seglare,
    Thank you for leaving a comment,seglare!
    Oh,can you also see and enjoy plum blossoms in your country?That's really great!

  8. ohhhh !! I love the first kimono !! Is really beautiful.
    Your photo are wonderful, congratulation !

  9. @Tifette,
    Thank you very much.Yes,I love the first photo,too!I'm very happy if you like them.

  10. Are you ok ?
    I'm afraid of my japanese friend :(

  11. Kumiko,
    I'm worried. Are you ok? Just heard
    of the earthquake and Tsunami. I'm praying
    you are safe!

  12. @Tifette,
    Thank you very much for worrying me.I really appreciate your kindness.Fortunately,this time our region (southern-central region of Japan)didn't damaged at all.The earthquake hit northern east region of Japan.And I want to pray for victims.I do hope such terrible disaster will never happen again.
    Thank you very much for your warm comment,I'll never forget.
    Please take care,
    wish you much happiness,

  13. oooo! when i see your picture i alaso want to go and see! <3

  14. I just found your blog recently when searching for pictures of Japanese dolls. I also love your cat Hime! So cute! I am glad to hear you are all okay and we all send thoughts and prayers to Japan. Best wishes, Jane

  15. @karu,
    Thank you very much for leaving a comment,
    This event in Kitano Tenmangu(Kyoto) is held on every February 25.Ticket is needed, you can get in this Shrine.(It costs about 35 dollars per one person.It's better to get it 1 week before.) This event is worth seeing!

  16. @Jane,
    Thank you very much for your comment.We have to keep the people suffered great damage in our thoughts now.

  17. Hi Kumiko-san,
    I'll be going to Kyoto coincidentally on the 25th Feb.
    May I know if I can get advanced ticket for this Baikasai ceremony?

    Thanks, Nurul from Malaysia

  18. Hi nurul uta,
    Thank you for leaving a comment on my blog.

    Actually,the only way to get this ticket is...
    to visit this shrine directly and buy a ticket. ( Now this shrine is selling tickets.)

    I heard that there are no service of paying into bank account to get this ticket.

    So I think you had better visit this shrine early in the morning (about am 9:00) on the 25th Feb,and buy a ticket.

    Because there will be so many people there on this day.

    The ticket is 1500yen.

    City Bus(50)or(101)from JR Kyoto Station;(201) Demachi-yanagi Station to Kitano Tenmangu-mae

    Please have a wonderful trip to Kyoto!^^