Saturday, July 16, 2011

Maccha-KakigoriーCool Dessert for the Dog Days of Summer

This is "Maccha-Kakigori"(抹茶かき氷).
This is Japanese shaved frozen dessert flavored with Green tea syrup in summer.
Greentea syrup is poured on top of it,(on the right side)
and left side is condensed milk.(white)
Toppings are adzuki beans and green tea ice cream,and white dumplings.
We enjoy this to fight the scorching heat of summer.

This shop is Kyoushouan(京匠庵).This is located near Kintesu Nara Station.


  1. I love me some green tea! =D

  2. @Trish,
    Thank you Trish,
    this is worth trying.
    I guarantee.