Saturday, August 6, 2011

Sado(茶道)ーEnjoying tea ceremony

In Japan,the custom of drinking tea was originally brought from China in the 9th century.
At first,it was a kind of status symbol among the upper-class people,
but by the 16th century, tea drinking had spread to all levels of society in Japan.
Now it is widespread throughout the world,everyone can enjoy tea ceremony without borders.
"Entertaining a guest hospitably" is the spirit of Japanese tea ceremony.
Every maiko learns graceful behaviour of making tea to entertain their guests.
It is kind of required skill for every maiko.


  1. @Trish,
    Oh,really? So you must like green tea.
    Me too,I love many kinds of tea.Herbal teas are good,too.
    Tea makes me feel better^_^

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