Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Kingyoーsummer sweets

This dessert is called "Kingyo".(金魚)
This conjure up the goldfish bowl,
we can see two goldfishes swimming in the bowl.
Transparent coating produces cool atmosphere.
This is "Hanabi".(花火)
This reminds us of colourful fireworks in the night sky.
This is also summer dessert.
This is "Kibunegawa".(貴船川)
This depicts the Kibune-river in Kyoto with swimming fishes.
The tranceperency suggests cool and refreshing water.

We can get these desserts at this shop,"Matsuya".
This shop was founded more than 100 years ago.
This is located near "Kyoto-Shiyakusho"(Kyoto city municipal hall).


  1. I love how wagashi look! They're so beautiful, nearly too good to eat. But you can't get them here in Germany, so I don't know how they taste.. But still, I love to look at photographs of them! Especially those with "water", goldfish, and maple leafs in them.

  2. @mysli,
    I'm happy if you like them.^ ^ They're coated by "Kanten"(kind of jelly),that is why they look like "water".And they taste like plum,because plum liqueur is used for them.
    Yes,goldfish and maple leafs,water,they produce cool atmosphere.We want to feel cool in hot summer,so we enjoy these kind of cool-looking desserts.