Friday, December 16, 2011

FIFA Club World Cup Japan 2011 presented by TOYOTA

Phew...It took me almost 3 hours to finish this portrait...
Super star of Barça,Messi is in Japan now.
They beated Al-Sadd  4-0,but unfortunately Villa(Barça) was wounded in this match.
Everyone is worrying about him...
Before the game,Jorge Fossati,the manager of Al-Sadd Sports Club,said " I do hope Barça players will be overcome with heavy drowsiness during the game...." XD
He seemed to pin his hopes on the faint possibility,but it was in vain...

And every Japanese people is now waiting eagerly for this Sunday Final match of FIFA Club World Cup in Japan.
Barça (Spain) vs Santos (Brasil).  It is a dream match.
Every Japanese want to see Messi's super overhead shoot again.
And of course we're really fan of Neymar,young hero from Brasil. He is a super striker.
It will be really exciting match.
Welcome to Japan,and good luck to every player!


  1. Check Fifa Club world cup 2011 schedule, results, dates and more information here
    Fifa Club World Cup 2011 Finals

  2. @Wenq,
    Thank you,Wenq,
    this site is really helpful.

  3. Wow! Kumiko, this is a great portrait you drew.
    I didn't know you were an artist! Thanks for sharing!!
    Your friend in US...

  4. @Freida,
    Thank you,Freida!
    I'm happy if you like this.My efforts were fully rewarded=D I like to draw a picture.
    Your friend in JPN