Wednesday, January 4, 2012

New Year encounter with Maiko ーArashiyama,Kyotoー

Arashiyama (Kyoto) is a nice place, worth visiting.
It is a typical Kyoto sightseeing spot,located in the western part of Kyoto City.
There are always many tourists here.
Arashiyama is surrounded by mountains,and there is a very famous bridge,"Togetsu-kyou"(渡月橋) over Katsura-River(桂川).
How about enjoy sightseeing in Arashiyama,riding in such ricksha?

And fortunately I encountered with two Maiko girls in Arashiyama.
 It is a good sign for me at the beginning of the year=D

 (And if you want to see Maiko for certain,I'd rather recommend "Miyako-Odori "in April,Gion.
Not Arashiyama.There is little likelihood of seeing Maiko in Arashiyama.
Gion is Kyoto's most famous Maiko district.
In April,"Miyako-Odori" is held at "Gion-Koubu-Kaburenjou" Theater,
from 1th April through 30th April.
Maybe you can get a day ticket on that day at that theater.(4000~4500yen/one person)
"Gion-Koubu-Kaburenjou" is the name of the Theater of Maiko Performance.
This theater is located in "Hanami-koji" Avenue,near Yasaka shrine.)
These web site below are important.
There are many shops,restaurants,cafes lined up along the street.

This is traditional Japanese fan shop.
And you can also enjoy these sweets to the full in Arashiyama.
How to access
JR Kyoto ー JR Saga Arashiyama  (JR Sagano lline)    → 230yen (one way)

Tram map in Kyoto City↓

Saga-Arashiyama....  You get off at this station and enjoy sightseeing tram(torokko-ressha) and enjoy kayaking(Hozugawa-Kudari).They are worth trying.
sightseeing tram...600yen/one way (
kayaking...3900yen/ one person (
Early morning(8:00 a.m) is good,because there will be so many people lined up and waiting.

Kawaramachi... You get off at this station (terminal) and head to Gion to see Maiko.(Hanami-kouji street)

Sonobe...You get off at this station and head to Miyama by bus.(Sonobe is terminal station.)

Higashi-yama...You get off at this station and enjoy having a stroll here. There are many good temple nere here,for example,Shouren-in.


  1. This is good information for me, Kumiko. Thank you! It is important that yow mentioned prices too, so I may plan in advance:)Going to Arashiyama was anyhow in my plan already.

  2. Aww cute girls, although their not maiko but Henshin's. Not half bad mind. Happy new year ^^

  3. @Traveling Hawk,
    You're welcome,
    and I added a train route map,
    This will be helpful for you,too.

  4. @siren,
    I think they're true Maiko.
    There are a lot of people who're taking picture around them.
    Happy New Year!

  5. Kumiko,
    I love getting to visit these places through your eyes and experiences online! Thank you for sharing your travels with us!!

  6. @Freida,
    Thank you,Freida!
    I'm happy if you enjoy these places through these photos.
    It is my pleasure if you love these places!!

  7. Thank you, Kumiko! You are very considerate. But I will skip cayaking :) - I am too old.

  8. @Traveling Hawk,
    Of course you don't have to.
    And in Arashiyama,there is a very famous temple,"Tenryu-ji Temple".
    In April,the cherry blossoms are very beautiful here.