Friday, January 13, 2012

Rakugan sweets (Kyoto)

This is "Rakugan". Traditional Japanese sweets.
When we hold a tea ceremony,we enjoy this kind of sweets.
"Rakugan" is a hard,dainty sweet made of soybean and rice flour mixed with sugar.
Originally Rakugan was introduced into Japan from China,about 700 years ago.
With tea ceremony spread throughout Japan,Rakugan become popular sweets in Japan. 

This is "Namagashi".
We can feel a sense of the season from them.
The left sweet is made in the shape of  "Japanese bell".
In New Year,every Japanese people goes to shrine,rings a bell,and prays to God.
So "bell shape" means "New Year".

The right sweet is made in the shape of "a narcissus".
A narcissus is known as a typical winter flower in Japan.
This flower begins to bloom in this cold season.
That is why we enjoy it in this season.

Right sweets,in the right season.
This is the heart of Kyoto sweets.

If you go to "Kinkaku-ji",you can't miss this shop.
"Nichiei-ken" is the shop name.
So many lovely sweets are here!
You'll be at a loss what to choose...
This shop is located near Kinkakuji-michi bus stop.(bound for Hakubai-chou).
(There are two Kinkakuji-michi bus stop.(going and coming).So just be careful.)


  1. How nice are these sweets! We have an expression in Romanian: "to eat with the eyss", and this is very good for your photos, Kumiko.

    1. Thank you,Traveling Hawk.
      This is really nice sweets shop,so I want you to visit here,when you visit Kinkaku-ji.
      They're good souvenir for you.

      I'll upload brief map of this shop later,so please check it.