Friday, February 3, 2012

Bean-Throwing CeremonyーYoshino Mountain,Nara (節分)

This is "Kinpu-Senji" Temple, located at the top of Mt.Yoshino,Nara.
This Temple is Unesco World Heritage.
The founding year of this Temple is not sure,but it has a long history of more than 500 years.
It takes 20 minutes by car from my house to this Temple.
(Many priests live in seclusion in this temple and practice asceticism,
and after ascetic practices,they're spiritually awakened.)

Today,February 3,we have "Setsubun" ceremony here.
"Setsubun" is the bean-scattering ceremony celebrating the coming of spring.
On this day,almost all the Oni (demon or ogre) in Japan come to this Temple.
Actually,they were getting rid of a nuisance from everywhere in Japan,and they escaped and got as far as this Temple.
we throw beans toward Oni (demon or ogre),to drive away the evil spirits that bring misfortune and bad health with them.
Then the Demons repents their sinful behavior,and they swear to turn over a new leaf.
This is Oni.(Demon)
Young people in this town disguise themselves as Oni today.
This is green Oni.
They have an iron rod in their hands to threaten people.
A brave child approached Oni fearfully,and is speaking to him.

This priest is blowing on a conch shell horn to drive Demons away.
Today musical concert was also held at this Temple.

After we go back home,
we ate sushi.
On this day,we Japanese people eat sushi.
It is our custom.
The ingredients are mostly seafood,like a sea urchin,sermon,a sea eel,etc.
They are so good.^ ^


  1. What an interesting tradition! Is Yoshino the famous mountains covered with cherry blossom on April? How can you go from Nara up there? There is a bus going there?

  2. @Traveling Hawk,
    Thank you,Traveling Hawk.
    Exactly! This is the mountain.
    Tourists take a cable railway from Kintetsu-Yoshino station to see cherry blossoms.
    In April,tourists stand in a long line to take a cable railway.
    April 15-April 25 is at their best,I think.

    I'm happy if you like this Setsubun tradition.^ ^

    1. Thank you, Kumiko! The video is wonderful! I can't wait!

    2. You're welcome,Traveling Hawk.

      Do you need some more access information of how to go to Yoshino mountains?