Friday, February 10, 2012

Heian-Jinguu (Heian-Shrine)ーKyoto ②Japanese stroll garden

This is the entrance of the famous garden,"Shin-en",
located near "Byakko-rou".

"Shin-en" is typical Japanese stroll garden,designated as a place of scenic beauty.
The Japanese stroll garden places great importance on the path.
Stroll gardens usually are quite large and have a pond in the central area encircled by a path (or several paths),which allows visitors to stroll about.
By traveling about the garden path,visitors could take "excursiions" designed for them by their host.

This garden is famous for its cherry blossoms in spring,
and for azaleas in the early summer,
irises in June,and colored leaves in autumn,
a snowy landscape in winter.
In every season,we can enjoy its beautiful scenery.

The layout of the garden itself was strictly determined according to the principles of traditional Chinese geomancy,or Feng Shui.

I found camellia flowers.
"Sazanka" in Japanese.

This architecture is called "Taihei-kaku".
Everyone is overwhelmed by its breathtaking view.
(Especially April is the best season.)
This large east garden lake recalls the leisurely boating parties of the 8th century.
This landscape gardening was finished in 1916.
We can enjoy fine view of the lake from here.
This tasteful architecture was bestowed by Imperial Parace.
This lake is "Seihou-ike".
And that house is "Shoubi-kan",
kind of cottage or guesthouse in old days.
In April,cherry blossoms are really wonderful here.

This is Kyoto Municipal Museum of Art,
located very next to Heian-Jingu Shrine.

April exhibition plan is not fixed yet,
but I think it is worth visiting.


  1. The garden is really wonderful, Kumiko! After traveling, gardening is my second passion, so I will enjoy a stroll there.

  2. @Travering Hawk,
    Thank you,Traveling Hawk.

    Oh,do you love gardeng?
    That's really good for you!

    In April,this garden is covered with so many flowers.
    It is beyond description.
    Your strolling will be a pleasant one.

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