Sunday, April 22, 2012

Kimono experience in Unryu-in temple,Kyoto

Adriana (from Romania) and I went to Unryu-in temple today.
Unryu-in temple is located at the top of the hill,so we had to go there by taxi.

Today special kimono exhibition is held in this temple.
Varieties of kimonos are exhibited in this temple today.
These kimonos are used by many Japanese famous actress in Japanese historical TV drama. 
During this event,we can also put on one of these kimonos,if we pay another 500 yen,
so Adriana decided to try it.
It must be exciting experience for her,bedause it is her first trip to Kyoto.
It is really a memorial day.
She looks fabulous in her beautiful kimono.
There are so many kimonos,so it was difficult to chose one.

She looks gorgeous!

This is a ship from Spain or Portugal in Edo era.
These are all embroidery.
Westerners are vividly described.
This is Japanese-style room in the temple.
The garden is also beautiful.


  1. It was an experience, indeed! I have never dreamed to be able to wear a kimono, not to mention such a splendid one!

  2. @Traveling Hawk,
    Indeed,that's really good for you! You're so lucky,because this event finished after you left Japan.
    You look fabulous in this kimono!

  3. Hello to My Diary from Turquoise Diaries.. These Kimonos are just fabulous.. I would like to try one, one day ...

  4. @Turquoise Diaries,
    Thank you,Turquoise Diaries!
    Yes,please try kimonos when you visit Kyoto.
    Especially the middle of April is very good to visit.

  5. Wow they are beautiful,thanks for sharing : D

  6. @Sekhet,
    Thank you,Sekhet!
    I'm very happy if you like these photos and kimonos.
    Hope you'll have a wonderful weekend!