Thursday, August 9, 2012

Gion-Matsuri Kyoto ②

I reached the top of the float!
So many festival lanterns! (chou-chin)
In old days,women used to have been forbidden to go up to the top of the float,
because it was believed to be a sacred place,
but these old customs became out of date,as time passed.
The upper floors of this float command a panoramic view of the street.
They are outdoors enjoying the cool air.
I like their yukata.
Powerful Tigers and Dragons are embroidered on this tapestry.
I love this shaved green maccha-ice! 
There are many tourists,sightseers on the street.
In this booth(red lanterns),
people are selling many souvenirs.
This girl (black yukata) is now selling beers and wines in front of her trattoria.
This is "Toro yama" (decorative float,with a mantis on the roof).
A mantis has been considered to be courageous and brave,
so it is recognized as a guardian of this float.


  1. Hi, Kumiko, dear! Very interesting the info about mantis.We consider this insect voracious, and I have never thought that she can be used as a symbol. Very interesting, indeed. And the dragons! Do you remember the roaring dragon?

    Please, both of you have a nice weekend!

  2. @Traveling Hawk
    Thank you,Traveling Hawk!
    Yeah,I think it is interesting,too.
    Mantis Sinbol,I hear that is derived from an ancient Chinese historical fact.(A mantis came near being run over by a car,then she fiercely tried to attack the car.Since then,it is believed to be a brave animal.)
    Yes,roaring dragon,we experienced it at Sennyu-ji temple!
    That is really wonderful memory,Traveling Hawk!

  3. Kumiko,

    These are wonderful and interesting photos! Thanks for posting them to share with us!

  4. @Freida,
    Thank you,Freida!
    I'm really glad if you enjoy these pics.
    Have a nice weekend!