Sunday, May 13, 2012

The Temple of Peony (Hase-dera,Nara)

I went to "Hase-dera" Temple in Nara today.
"Hase-dera" Temple is famous for peonies,
that is why this temple is also called "The Temple of Peonies".
This temple was built in 727.(approximately),
and has been famous for a pilgrimage of thirty-three Buddhist temples throughout the Kansai region of  Japan. Very sacred place.
The main hall was designated as National Treasure in 2004.
Honestly,now peonies were at a little time past their prime,(last week was at their best),
so next time I'd like to see their full bloom.
Hope you'll enjoy these pictures.
(An admission fee is 500 yen,and the nearest station is Hasedera-station,Kintetsu line.)

This five-storied pagoda was built after World WarⅡ.
The species of peonies are more than 150,
and there are about 7000 peonies in this temple.
The best season is at the beginning of May.
They bloom only 1 week or so,very short time.


  1. The peonies are wonderful, Kumiko! You are so lucky to have all these beautiful places there!

    They must be in bloom in my garden too but I had no time to go there yet. The coming week, I'll go with my husband and the dog, for 3 days.

  2. Kumiko san,
    Its very peaceful, very lovely ans sacred here!

  3. @Traveling Hawk,
    Thank you,Traveling Hawk!
    I love peonies.Your peonies in your garden must be very beautiful.
    Please have a wonderful trip,Traveling Hawk!

  4. @Craftsman of light,
    Thank you,Craftsman of light!
    Yes,this is very holy place.
    Like other countries,in Japan,there are pilgrims who make the rounds of holy temples,and this temple is one of the points.

  5. Quelles magnifiques pivoine !
    It's the favorite flower of my mother.
    I'm sorry I'm not being here for so long.
    I do not bother most of my blog since I moved, but I'm fine with my boyfriend, in "Tarbes"

  6. @Tifette,
    Oh,thank you,Tifette!
    I'm late for replying to you,I'm sorry.
    Long time no see,but I'm relieved to hear that you're fine with your boyfriend.
    I searched for Google and found "Tarbes" commune.
    It is really beautiful place,Tifette!
    Honestly,I wish I could go there!
    Have a wonderful day,Tifette!