Tuesday, May 21, 2013

The professional bicycle race in SAKAI,OSAKA ( 16TH TOUR OF JAPAN 2013 SAKAI STAGE)

Today we are in SAKAI,OSAKA to see professional bicycle race.
This bicycle race is called "TOUR OF JAPAN 2013".
The schedule is as follows;
1st stage - In SAKAI (Osaka)    May 19
2nd stage - In MINO Gifu)     May 21
3rd stage - In NAGANO   May 22
4th stage - In Fuji Mountain  May 24
5th stage - In Izu   May 25
6th stage - In TOKYO  May 26
The players change places every day,and compete the race,from May 19 to May 26.
16 teams participated this race,
7 teams are from overseas; from Australia,Italy,China,Korea,Singapore.
And 9 teams are from Japan.
My husband is a big fan of bicycle race,he was so excited today.
The cycling race had already finished when we arrived the game venue,
so we could see Individual Time Trial in the afternoon.
The weather condition was really bad today. 
I uploaded the movie on YouTube.
Hope you'll enjoy it.
This is  a starting and goal line.
 It was raining heavily,so players are taking shelter under the tent,waiting their turns.
The race results are displayed on the electoric board.
The champion is Taiji Nishitani,AISAN RACING TEAM,Japan.
All the players did their best in spite of the bad weather condition,and the race finished successfully.

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