Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Waikiki Beach in Hawaii


I'm sorry to have kept you waiting so long.
I've been too busy with my work to update my blog after coming back from Hawaii.

It was my first visit to Hawaii.
This time my father and I were invited here by my brother,because he was going to hold his wedding ceremony at Waikiki Sheraton Hotel,which is also our stay hotel.

I made up my mind that I will come back this place again someday.
It was one of the most beautiful place I've ever seen before.
If you enjoy these pics,I'm so happy ^_^

We can enjoy this great scenery from our hotel.
Sheraton Waikiki Hotel
A big swimming pool was attached to the hotel.
The expansive Pacific Ocean was there in front of the hotel.
Now I've come, I may as well enjoy it^ ^
How blue the sky is!
"Paradise of the Pacific",
yes indeed,
This island is worthy of the name.
This post is just a mere part of all,
so this story is to be continued ^ ^
Thank you for visiting and reading my blog.


  1. So this is what paradise looks like :) Great views of the blue ocean, the blue sky (and the blue beach ^^ ).
    Thank you so much for posting this , Kumiko-san. Oh, and you stayed at the Sheraton Waikiki ( OK, now I'm totally jealous... )

  2. @Walter,
    Thank you,Walter!
    Yes,the view of the Pacific Ocean was really great!
    Hawaii was so relaxing and healing place,and I will surely visit there again someday!
    Yeah,this hotel was really comfortable,and it commands a fine ocean view,it is my recommendation^_^

  3. Wonderful photos, Kumiko! I am glad you had a nice time there. Now you are back and you will tell us more about Hawai. I am waiting!

  4. @Traveling Hawk,
    Thank you,Traveling Hawk!

    Honestly speaking,I wanted to be there forever!
    Weather is always fine,it is so peaceful place that we forget about time or any worries.

    I will update my next post soon,so please wait^^
    Thank you!!