Saturday, August 17, 2013

Dinner at Halekulani Hotel

Hello everyone.

I'd like to tell you about our dinner in Hawaii.

My father and I were looking for a nice restaurant in Waikiki where we can enjoy dinner,hula dance and band performance.

So I asked a local staff woman who is well informed about Waikiki if she knew some informations about such restaurant.

she said immediately.
As I later discovered,Halekulani is a high-class hotel which is located near our hotel.

She said that the restaurant in Halekulani is always open to the public,
so we'll be able to have a dinner at the restaurant in Halekulani,even if we are not customers of that hotel.

Hawaiian music is so relaxing,moody,peaceful rhythms.
And hula dance makes us cheer and smile ^_^
Potage soup is really good.
Sunfish sauteing.
Sometimes sparrows come to our table to seek for food.
Another hula dancer started dancing.
Fresh fruit juice
Thanks to Halekulani,
we had a wonderful dinner,we will never forget the memory,
my father was very satisfied,
It was so peaceful that we forget the time.
Thank you for reading this post,
Please have a wonderful weekend ^ ^


  1. Thanks for posting ! That looks like a wonderful meal, in such nice surroundings !

  2. @Walter,
    Thank you,Walter!
    Hawaii was very relaxing and peaceful place,
    hula dance is great,and foods are good!^ ^

  3. i stayed at the hotel on my honeymoon.
    it was too good to forget.

  4. @muntan,
    Thank you,muntan!
    Oh,really? How lucky you are!
    It must have been wonderful stay.
    It must be wonderful memory for you! I'm jelous.

  5. Yummy food, Kumiko! I know hawaian music, it's really nice. An seeing hula live must be entertaining. You had really a nice evening with your father. Later on you will cherish the memory even more.

  6. @Traveling Hawk,

    Thank you,Traveling Hawk!
    Exactly,I will cherish the memory more as time goes by.
    In Hawaii,time moves more slowly than Japan,I felt.
    Yeah,foods were all good in Hawaii,
    and hula live was wonderful,my father seemed really pleased with it.